About Us

Peel Islamic Cultural Centre (PICC) is a non-profit making, charitable, religious, non-political and independent organization dedicated for the welfare and education of the Muslim community in the areas of Brampton and Mississauga areas the truth in all aspects of life, being a productive member of society & being of help and aide to the city.

Keeping this pressing need in sight a group of Muslims took the initiative to form a Musalla located at 499 Ray Lawson Blvd in south west Brampton in the fall of 2008. No sooner did the word spread of this Musalla to the near by community did the Musalla by the grace and will of Allah started seeing not only people regularly for the five daily Salats (Prayers) but also the requirement to establish a evening educational course for young children for the reading (Nazrah) & memorizing (Hifz) of the Quran.