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Iqama Times

Taha Musalla Iqama Times

May 1 to 10 May 11 to 20 May 21 to 31
Fajr5:30 am5:15 am5:00 am
Dhuhr2:00 pm2:00 pm2:00 pm
Asr6:30 pm6:45 pm6:45 pm
Isha10:15 pm10:30 pm10:45 pm
1st Jummuah1:45 pm
2nd Jummuah2:45 pm
3rd Jummuah3:45 pm

About Masjid Ibrahim

A project under Peel Islamic Cultural Centre (PICC)

Masjid Ibrahim is the largest mosque construction project in Canada. It is located in the Canadian city of Brampton, Ontario. It borders the Toronto International Airport and is home to a growing and diverse Muslim community.

It’s a community project under the umbrella of Peel Islamic Cultural Centre, which is a charitable organisation serving the Muslim community in Brampton since 2008. We are dedicated to the welfare, education, and spiritual well being for the surrounding Muslim community.

At present, we operate from three different Musallas in Brampton, namely: Taha Musalla, Taaseen Musalla, and Yaaseen Musalla. We stand for truth in all aspects of life, being a productive member of society, and being of help and aide to the city.

Masjid Features

  • 83,000 sqft five-story Masjid
  • 6,000 worshipers can pray at the same time
  • 101 Car parking spots
  • 50 Wudu places
  • 30 Washrooms
  • 2 Elevators
  • Islamic School for 600 students
  • Library
  • Dawah Centre
  • Basketball Court
  • Funeral facility
  • Marriage and Counselling services
  • Connects Brampton & Mississauga
  • Next to Major Highway
  • Toronto Pearson Airport only about 20 minutes away

Project Milestones

Phase 1: Land Purchase
Phase 2: Architectural Drawing & City Approval
Phase 3: Two-story Basement Construction
Phase 4: Top Three-Story Construction

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