Our Services 

The current three Musallas under the umbrella of PICC are already providing many services to the Muslim community of south west Brampton.
The development of Masjid Ibrahim will inshaAllaah further enhance the ability for the Masjid to provide more services and on a much larger scale then possible today.

Some of the key services being offered today and planned for the future are as follows:

Current Offered Services

  • Islamic school.
  • Hifz (memorization) of the Quran for children & adults.
  • Nazra (reading) of the Quran for children & adults.
  • Weekly Tafsir of the Quran.
  • Weekly Seerah program lectures.
  • Fatwa service to be provided by a qualified Scholar.
  • Arabic classes for children & adults.
  • Da’wah programs.
  • Nikah Services.

Future Planned Services

  • Funeral Services.
  • Social & martial counseling services.
  • Youngster counseling & mentorship programs.
  • Programs to promote Muslim youth to enroll and perform community services for the City of Brampton.
  • Islamic dawah programs and courses.
  • Gymnasium to provide Muslim youth with an opportunity to work on their physical fitness in an Islamic environment.
  • New Muslims educational programs.
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